Various data from Weblate is available in machine-readable format.

RSS feeds

Follow the translation progress and all important changes from RSS feeds.

Project URL Link
Late Shift RSS
Late Shift/seg1004_k RSS
Late Shift/seg1004_swipe RSS
Late Shift/seg1006 RSS
Late Shift/seg1007 RSS
Late Shift/seg1008_a RSS
Late Shift/seg1008_b RSS
Late Shift/seg101 RSS
Late Shift/seg1013_a_1016_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1013_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1014_a RSS
Late Shift/seg1014_b_1015 RSS
Late Shift/seg1022_1023_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1026_b_1025_1027_tap RSS
Late Shift/seg102_a RSS
Late Shift/seg102_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1037 RSS
Late Shift/seg1040 RSS
Late Shift/seg1042 RSS
Late Shift/seg1043_1044 RSS
Late Shift/seg1045_1044 RSS
Late Shift/seg1046 RSS
Late Shift/seg1047_a_1045 RSS
Late Shift/seg1047_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1048 RSS
Late Shift/seg1049_a RSS
Late Shift/seg1049_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1050_a_1051_1052_b_1054_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1050_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1057 RSS
Late Shift/seg1059_1_1060 RSS
Late Shift/seg106 RSS
Late Shift/seg1061_a_1069_1069_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg1063_1078 RSS
Late Shift/seg1067_3 RSS
Late Shift/seg1068_1_1068_3 RSS
Late Shift/seg1068_1_1068_3_alt RSS
Late Shift/seg1069_3 RSS
Late Shift/seg1070_a RSS
Late Shift/seg1070_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1072_a RSS
Late Shift/seg1072_b_1073_1_1073_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg1074 RSS
Late Shift/seg1075_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg1075_3 RSS
Late Shift/seg1075_4 RSS
Late Shift/seg1075_5 RSS
Late Shift/seg1075_6_1075_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg1076_a RSS
Late Shift/seg1076_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1079 RSS
Late Shift/seg107_a RSS
Late Shift/seg107_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1081_a_1069_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg1081_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1083_1084 RSS
Late Shift/seg1083_1084_alt RSS
Late Shift/seg109_110_b_111 RSS
Late Shift/seg1101_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg1102_a RSS
Late Shift/seg1102_b1 RSS
Late Shift/seg1102_b2 RSS
Late Shift/seg1103 RSS
Late Shift/seg1104 RSS
Late Shift/seg1105 RSS
Late Shift/seg1105_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg1107 RSS
Late Shift/seg1108 RSS
Late Shift/seg1109 RSS
Late Shift/seg111 RSS
Late Shift/seg1110 RSS
Late Shift/seg1111 RSS
Late Shift/seg1112 RSS
Late Shift/seg1112_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg1112_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg1113 RSS
Late Shift/seg1115 RSS
Late Shift/seg1116_a RSS
Late Shift/seg1116_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1117 RSS
Late Shift/seg1117_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg1118_1122 RSS
Late Shift/seg1118_1122_censored RSS
Late Shift/seg1123_1125 RSS
Late Shift/seg1126_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg1126_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg1127_1129 RSS
Late Shift/seg112_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg112_2_122_b RSS
Late Shift/seg1130_1130_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg1131_1_1131_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg113_116 RSS
Late Shift/seg114 RSS
Late Shift/seg115 RSS
Late Shift/seg117 RSS
Late Shift/seg118 RSS
Late Shift/seg119 RSS
Late Shift/seg120 RSS
Late Shift/seg1200 RSS
Late Shift/seg1201 RSS
Late Shift/seg1205 RSS
Late Shift/seg121 RSS
Late Shift/seg122_a_122_b RSS
Late Shift/seg124_125 RSS
Late Shift/seg125 RSS
Late Shift/seg126 RSS
Late Shift/seg128 RSS
Late Shift/seg129 RSS
Late Shift/seg135 RSS
Late Shift/seg136 RSS
Late Shift/seg137 RSS
Late Shift/seg138_a_138_b RSS
Late Shift/seg139 RSS
Late Shift/seg140 RSS
Late Shift/seg141 RSS
Late Shift/seg142 RSS
Late Shift/seg143 RSS
Late Shift/seg146_a RSS
Late Shift/seg146_b RSS
Late Shift/seg147_b RSS
Late Shift/seg201 RSS
Late Shift/seg202 RSS
Late Shift/seg202_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg203 RSS
Late Shift/seg204 RSS
Late Shift/seg205 RSS
Late Shift/seg207 RSS
Late Shift/seg208_213_214 RSS
Late Shift/seg209 RSS
Late Shift/seg212 RSS
Late Shift/seg215 RSS
Late Shift/seg216 RSS
Late Shift/seg217 RSS
Late Shift/seg218 RSS
Late Shift/seg219 RSS
Late Shift/seg220_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg220_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg223 RSS
Late Shift/seg224 RSS
Late Shift/seg225 RSS
Late Shift/seg226 RSS
Late Shift/seg227 RSS
Late Shift/seg228 RSS
Late Shift/seg229 RSS
Late Shift/seg230 RSS
Late Shift/seg231 RSS
Late Shift/seg301_1_301_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg302_a RSS
Late Shift/seg302_b RSS
Late Shift/seg303_310 RSS
Late Shift/seg311 RSS
Late Shift/seg312 RSS
Late Shift/seg313 RSS
Late Shift/seg314 RSS
Late Shift/seg314_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg314_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg315 RSS
Late Shift/seg316_b RSS
Late Shift/seg316_c RSS
Late Shift/seg317 RSS
Late Shift/seg318 RSS
Late Shift/seg319 RSS
Late Shift/seg321_324 RSS
Late Shift/seg322 RSS
Late Shift/seg325_a RSS
Late Shift/seg325_b RSS
Late Shift/seg326_324 RSS
Late Shift/seg327 RSS
Late Shift/seg328 RSS
Late Shift/seg329 RSS
Late Shift/seg330 RSS
Late Shift/seg331 RSS
Late Shift/seg333 RSS
Late Shift/seg334 RSS
Late Shift/seg335 RSS
Late Shift/seg337 RSS
Late Shift/seg338 RSS
Late Shift/seg339 RSS
Late Shift/seg340 RSS
Late Shift/seg341 RSS
Late Shift/seg342 RSS
Late Shift/seg343_344_a RSS
Late Shift/seg343_344_b RSS
Late Shift/seg345 RSS
Late Shift/seg346_350_352 RSS
Late Shift/seg349_355_356 RSS
Late Shift/seg358_359 RSS
Late Shift/seg360 RSS
Late Shift/seg362 RSS
Late Shift/seg363 RSS
Late Shift/seg364_367_a_368 RSS
Late Shift/seg364_367_b_368 RSS
Late Shift/seg365_366 RSS
Late Shift/seg369_numpad RSS
Late Shift/seg370_371 RSS
Late Shift/seg370_375 RSS
Late Shift/seg372_numpad RSS
Late Shift/seg373_374_366 RSS
Late Shift/seg373_375 RSS
Late Shift/seg402 RSS
Late Shift/seg403_a RSS
Late Shift/seg403_b RSS
Late Shift/seg404_a RSS
Late Shift/seg405 RSS
Late Shift/seg406 RSS
Late Shift/seg407_a RSS
Late Shift/seg407_b RSS
Late Shift/seg408 RSS
Late Shift/seg409 RSS
Late Shift/seg410 RSS
Late Shift/seg411_a RSS
Late Shift/seg411_b RSS
Late Shift/seg412 RSS
Late Shift/seg413 RSS
Late Shift/seg414 RSS
Late Shift/seg415_416 RSS
Late Shift/seg415_418 RSS
Late Shift/seg417_a RSS
Late Shift/seg419 RSS
Late Shift/seg421_a RSS
Late Shift/seg434 RSS
Late Shift/seg435_a RSS
Late Shift/seg435_b RSS
Late Shift/seg435_c RSS
Late Shift/seg436_437 RSS
Late Shift/seg438 RSS
Late Shift/seg439_a RSS
Late Shift/seg439_b RSS
Late Shift/seg439_c RSS
Late Shift/seg440 RSS
Late Shift/seg441 RSS
Late Shift/seg442 RSS
Late Shift/seg443 RSS
Late Shift/seg444 RSS
Late Shift/seg445 RSS
Late Shift/seg446 RSS
Late Shift/seg501_507 RSS
Late Shift/seg508_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg508_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg508_3 RSS
Late Shift/seg509_511 RSS
Late Shift/seg516 RSS
Late Shift/seg517 RSS
Late Shift/seg519 RSS
Late Shift/seg520 RSS
Late Shift/seg522 RSS
Late Shift/seg524_a RSS
Late Shift/seg524_b RSS
Late Shift/seg524_c RSS
Late Shift/seg525 RSS
Late Shift/seg526 RSS
Late Shift/seg527 RSS
Late Shift/seg528_a RSS
Late Shift/seg528_b RSS
Late Shift/seg529_a RSS
Late Shift/seg529_b RSS
Late Shift/seg551 RSS
Late Shift/seg554 RSS
Late Shift/seg555 RSS
Late Shift/seg556_a RSS
Late Shift/seg556_b RSS
Late Shift/seg557 RSS
Late Shift/seg558_a RSS
Late Shift/seg558_b RSS
Late Shift/seg560 RSS
Late Shift/seg561 RSS
Late Shift/seg562_a RSS
Late Shift/seg562_b RSS
Late Shift/seg563 RSS
Late Shift/seg564_a RSS
Late Shift/seg564_b RSS
Late Shift/seg565 RSS
Late Shift/seg568_a RSS
Late Shift/seg568_b RSS
Late Shift/seg570_571 RSS
Late Shift/seg601_602_603 RSS
Late Shift/seg604_a RSS
Late Shift/seg604_b RSS
Late Shift/seg604_c RSS
Late Shift/seg604_d RSS
Late Shift/seg605_b RSS
Late Shift/seg606 RSS
Late Shift/seg607 RSS
Late Shift/seg608 RSS
Late Shift/seg609_a RSS
Late Shift/seg609_b RSS
Late Shift/seg610 RSS
Late Shift/seg614_a RSS
Late Shift/seg614_b RSS
Late Shift/seg615 RSS
Late Shift/seg616_622 RSS
Late Shift/seg617 RSS
Late Shift/seg618 RSS
Late Shift/seg619 RSS
Late Shift/seg620_621_622 RSS
Late Shift/seg623_a RSS
Late Shift/seg623_b RSS
Late Shift/seg651_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg651_2a RSS
Late Shift/seg651_2b RSS
Late Shift/seg651_3 RSS
Late Shift/seg652_a RSS
Late Shift/seg652_b RSS
Late Shift/seg653 RSS
Late Shift/seg655_a RSS
Late Shift/seg655_b RSS
Late Shift/seg655_c RSS
Late Shift/seg656 RSS
Late Shift/seg657 RSS
Late Shift/seg660 RSS
Late Shift/seg661 RSS
Late Shift/seg662 RSS
Late Shift/seg663 RSS
Late Shift/seg664 RSS
Late Shift/seg665 RSS
Late Shift/seg666_a RSS
Late Shift/seg666_b RSS
Late Shift/seg666_c RSS
Late Shift/seg667_669_670_a RSS
Late Shift/seg667_669_670_b RSS
Late Shift/seg668_669_670_a RSS
Late Shift/seg668_669_670_b RSS
Late Shift/seg671_a RSS
Late Shift/seg671_b RSS
Late Shift/seg672 RSS
Late Shift/seg673 RSS
Late Shift/seg674 RSS
Late Shift/seg675 RSS
Late Shift/seg701 RSS
Late Shift/seg702 RSS
Late Shift/seg703 RSS
Late Shift/seg704 RSS
Late Shift/seg707 RSS
Late Shift/seg708 RSS
Late Shift/seg709 RSS
Late Shift/seg710 RSS
Late Shift/seg711 RSS
Late Shift/seg712 RSS
Late Shift/seg714_723 RSS
Late Shift/seg715 RSS
Late Shift/seg716_723 RSS
Late Shift/seg717_718 RSS
Late Shift/seg717_720 RSS
Late Shift/seg719_720 RSS
Late Shift/seg721_723 RSS
Late Shift/seg724 RSS
Late Shift/seg724_761_763_k RSS
Late Shift/seg726 RSS
Late Shift/seg727 RSS
Late Shift/seg732 RSS
Late Shift/seg733 RSS
Late Shift/seg734 RSS
Late Shift/seg734_761_741_k RSS
Late Shift/seg737 RSS
Late Shift/seg738 RSS
Late Shift/seg739_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg739_a RSS
Late Shift/seg739_b RSS
Late Shift/seg740 RSS
Late Shift/seg741 RSS
Late Shift/seg742 RSS
Late Shift/seg743_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg744_a RSS
Late Shift/seg745 RSS
Late Shift/seg747_2_749_750 RSS
Late Shift/seg760 RSS
Late Shift/seg761 RSS
Late Shift/seg762 RSS
Late Shift/seg763 RSS
Late Shift/seg764 RSS
Late Shift/seg765_756_757 RSS
Late Shift/seg770 RSS
Late Shift/seg901_1_901_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg902_a RSS
Late Shift/seg902_b RSS
Late Shift/seg903_a RSS
Late Shift/seg903_b RSS
Late Shift/seg904_a RSS
Late Shift/seg904_b_905_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg905_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg906_a RSS
Late Shift/seg906_b RSS
Late Shift/seg907_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg907_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg908_a_909_913 RSS
Late Shift/seg908_b RSS
Late Shift/seg908_c RSS
Late Shift/seg910 RSS
Late Shift/seg911_913 RSS
Late Shift/seg912_913 RSS
Late Shift/seg914 RSS
Late Shift/seg914_UAE RSS
Late Shift/seg915 RSS
Late Shift/seg917_a RSS
Late Shift/seg917_b RSS
Late Shift/seg918 RSS
Late Shift/seg919 RSS
Late Shift/seg920 RSS
Late Shift/seg921 RSS
Late Shift/seg922 RSS
Late Shift/seg923 RSS
Late Shift/seg924 RSS
Late Shift/seg927 RSS
Late Shift/seg928 RSS
Late Shift/seg928_939 RSS
Late Shift/seg929 RSS
Late Shift/seg929_939 RSS
Late Shift/seg930 RSS
Late Shift/seg930_939 RSS
Late Shift/seg931_933_934_a_935 RSS
Late Shift/seg933_2_937_a_938 RSS
Late Shift/seg936 RSS
Late Shift/seg937_a_938 RSS
Late Shift/seg937_b_938 RSS
Late Shift/seg939 RSS
Late Shift/seg945 RSS
Late Shift/seg946_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg946_2_947_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg947_1_913 RSS
Late Shift/seg948_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg951_1_951_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg952_a RSS
Late Shift/seg952_b RSS
Late Shift/seg953_a RSS
Late Shift/seg953_b RSS
Late Shift/seg954_a RSS
Late Shift/seg954_b RSS
Late Shift/seg955 RSS
Late Shift/seg956_a_947_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg956_b RSS
Late Shift/seg957_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg957_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg958_a_959 RSS
Late Shift/seg958_b RSS
Late Shift/seg958_c RSS
Late Shift/seg960 RSS
Late Shift/seg961 RSS
Late Shift/seg962 RSS
Late Shift/seg963 RSS
Late Shift/seg963_UAE RSS
Late Shift/seg964 RSS
Late Shift/seg966_a RSS
Late Shift/seg966_b RSS
Late Shift/seg967 RSS
Late Shift/seg968 RSS
Late Shift/seg969_a RSS
Late Shift/seg969_b RSS
Late Shift/seg970 RSS
Late Shift/seg970_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg970_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg971_a RSS
Late Shift/seg971_b RSS
Late Shift/seg972 RSS
Late Shift/seg973_a RSS
Late Shift/seg973_b RSS
Late Shift/seg974 RSS
Late Shift/seg974_1 RSS
Late Shift/seg974_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg975 RSS
Late Shift/seg976 RSS
Late Shift/seg977_978 RSS
Late Shift/seg977_979 RSS
Late Shift/seg988_984_2 RSS
Late Shift/seg990_991_992 RSS
Late Shift/seg990_992 RSS
Late Shift/seg994 RSS
Late Shift/Late Shift RSS

Per language RSS feeds are also available. Construct them by appending a language code to the URLs above.


Translation statistics for every component in JSON format lets you use the data in other websites or tools.

Project URL Link
Late Shift/seg1004_k View
Late Shift/seg1004_swipe View
Late Shift/seg1006 View
Late Shift/seg1007 View
Late Shift/seg1008_a View
Late Shift/seg1008_b View
Late Shift/seg101 View
Late Shift/seg1013_a_1016_b View
Late Shift/seg1013_b View
Late Shift/seg1014_a View
Late Shift/seg1014_b_1015 View
Late Shift/seg1022_1023_b View
Late Shift/seg1026_b_1025_1027_tap View
Late Shift/seg102_a View
Late Shift/seg102_b View
Late Shift/seg1037 View
Late Shift/seg1040 View
Late Shift/seg1042 View
Late Shift/seg1043_1044 View
Late Shift/seg1045_1044 View
Late Shift/seg1046 View
Late Shift/seg1047_a_1045 View
Late Shift/seg1047_b View
Late Shift/seg1048 View
Late Shift/seg1049_a View
Late Shift/seg1049_b View
Late Shift/seg1050_a_1051_1052_b_1054_b View
Late Shift/seg1050_b View
Late Shift/seg1057 View
Late Shift/seg1059_1_1060 View
Late Shift/seg106 View
Late Shift/seg1061_a_1069_1069_1 View
Late Shift/seg1063_1078 View
Late Shift/seg1067_3 View
Late Shift/seg1068_1_1068_3 View
Late Shift/seg1068_1_1068_3_alt View
Late Shift/seg1069_3 View
Late Shift/seg1070_a View
Late Shift/seg1070_b View
Late Shift/seg1072_a View
Late Shift/seg1072_b_1073_1_1073_2 View
Late Shift/seg1074 View
Late Shift/seg1075_1 View
Late Shift/seg1075_3 View
Late Shift/seg1075_4 View
Late Shift/seg1075_5 View
Late Shift/seg1075_6_1075_2 View
Late Shift/seg1076_a View
Late Shift/seg1076_b View
Late Shift/seg1079 View
Late Shift/seg107_a View
Late Shift/seg107_b View
Late Shift/seg1081_a_1069_2 View
Late Shift/seg1081_b View
Late Shift/seg1083_1084 View
Late Shift/seg1083_1084_alt View
Late Shift/seg109_110_b_111 View
Late Shift/seg1101_2 View
Late Shift/seg1102_a View
Late Shift/seg1102_b1 View
Late Shift/seg1102_b2 View
Late Shift/seg1103 View
Late Shift/seg1104 View
Late Shift/seg1105 View
Late Shift/seg1105_2 View
Late Shift/seg1107 View
Late Shift/seg1108 View
Late Shift/seg1109 View
Late Shift/seg111 View
Late Shift/seg1110 View
Late Shift/seg1111 View
Late Shift/seg1112 View
Late Shift/seg1112_1 View
Late Shift/seg1112_2 View
Late Shift/seg1113 View
Late Shift/seg1115 View
Late Shift/seg1116_a View
Late Shift/seg1116_b View
Late Shift/seg1117 View
Late Shift/seg1117_1 View
Late Shift/seg1118_1122 View
Late Shift/seg1118_1122_censored View
Late Shift/seg1123_1125 View
Late Shift/seg1126_1 View
Late Shift/seg1126_2 View
Late Shift/seg1127_1129 View
Late Shift/seg112_1 View
Late Shift/seg112_2_122_b View
Late Shift/seg1130_1130_1 View
Late Shift/seg1131_1_1131_2 View
Late Shift/seg113_116 View
Late Shift/seg114 View
Late Shift/seg115 View
Late Shift/seg117 View
Late Shift/seg118 View
Late Shift/seg119 View
Late Shift/seg120 View
Late Shift/seg1200 View
Late Shift/seg1201 View
Late Shift/seg1205 View
Late Shift/seg121 View
Late Shift/seg122_a_122_b View
Late Shift/seg124_125 View
Late Shift/seg125 View
Late Shift/seg126 View
Late Shift/seg128 View
Late Shift/seg129 View
Late Shift/seg135 View
Late Shift/seg136 View
Late Shift/seg137 View
Late Shift/seg138_a_138_b View
Late Shift/seg139 View
Late Shift/seg140 View
Late Shift/seg141 View
Late Shift/seg142 View
Late Shift/seg143 View
Late Shift/seg146_a View
Late Shift/seg146_b View
Late Shift/seg147_b View
Late Shift/seg201 View
Late Shift/seg202 View
Late Shift/seg202_1 View
Late Shift/seg203 View
Late Shift/seg204 View
Late Shift/seg205 View
Late Shift/seg207 View
Late Shift/seg208_213_214 View
Late Shift/seg209 View
Late Shift/seg212 View
Late Shift/seg215 View
Late Shift/seg216 View
Late Shift/seg217 View
Late Shift/seg218 View
Late Shift/seg219 View
Late Shift/seg220_1 View
Late Shift/seg220_2 View
Late Shift/seg223 View
Late Shift/seg224 View
Late Shift/seg225 View
Late Shift/seg226 View
Late Shift/seg227 View
Late Shift/seg228 View
Late Shift/seg229 View
Late Shift/seg230 View
Late Shift/seg231 View
Late Shift/seg301_1_301_2 View
Late Shift/seg302_a View
Late Shift/seg302_b View
Late Shift/seg303_310 View
Late Shift/seg311 View
Late Shift/seg312 View
Late Shift/seg313 View
Late Shift/seg314 View
Late Shift/seg314_1 View
Late Shift/seg314_2 View
Late Shift/seg315 View
Late Shift/seg316_b View
Late Shift/seg316_c View
Late Shift/seg317 View
Late Shift/seg318 View
Late Shift/seg319 View
Late Shift/seg321_324 View
Late Shift/seg322 View
Late Shift/seg325_a View
Late Shift/seg325_b View
Late Shift/seg326_324 View
Late Shift/seg327 View
Late Shift/seg328 View
Late Shift/seg329 View
Late Shift/seg330 View
Late Shift/seg331 View
Late Shift/seg333 View
Late Shift/seg334 View
Late Shift/seg335 View
Late Shift/seg337 View
Late Shift/seg338 View
Late Shift/seg339 View
Late Shift/seg340 View
Late Shift/seg341 View
Late Shift/seg342 View
Late Shift/seg343_344_a View
Late Shift/seg343_344_b View
Late Shift/seg345 View
Late Shift/seg346_350_352 View
Late Shift/seg349_355_356 View
Late Shift/seg358_359 View
Late Shift/seg360 View
Late Shift/seg362 View
Late Shift/seg363 View
Late Shift/seg364_367_a_368 View
Late Shift/seg364_367_b_368 View
Late Shift/seg365_366 View
Late Shift/seg369_numpad View
Late Shift/seg370_371 View
Late Shift/seg370_375 View
Late Shift/seg372_numpad View
Late Shift/seg373_374_366 View
Late Shift/seg373_375 View
Late Shift/seg402 View
Late Shift/seg403_a View
Late Shift/seg403_b View
Late Shift/seg404_a View
Late Shift/seg405 View
Late Shift/seg406 View
Late Shift/seg407_a View
Late Shift/seg407_b View
Late Shift/seg408 View
Late Shift/seg409 View
Late Shift/seg410 View
Late Shift/seg411_a View
Late Shift/seg411_b View
Late Shift/seg412 View
Late Shift/seg413 View
Late Shift/seg414 View
Late Shift/seg415_416 View
Late Shift/seg415_418 View
Late Shift/seg417_a View
Late Shift/seg419 View
Late Shift/seg421_a View
Late Shift/seg434 View
Late Shift/seg435_a View
Late Shift/seg435_b View
Late Shift/seg435_c View
Late Shift/seg436_437 View
Late Shift/seg438 View
Late Shift/seg439_a View
Late Shift/seg439_b View
Late Shift/seg439_c View
Late Shift/seg440 View
Late Shift/seg441 View
Late Shift/seg442 View
Late Shift/seg443 View
Late Shift/seg444 View
Late Shift/seg445 View
Late Shift/seg446 View
Late Shift/seg501_507 View
Late Shift/seg508_1 View
Late Shift/seg508_2 View
Late Shift/seg508_3 View
Late Shift/seg509_511 View
Late Shift/seg516 View
Late Shift/seg517 View
Late Shift/seg519 View
Late Shift/seg520 View
Late Shift/seg522 View
Late Shift/seg524_a View
Late Shift/seg524_b View
Late Shift/seg524_c View
Late Shift/seg525 View
Late Shift/seg526 View
Late Shift/seg527 View
Late Shift/seg528_a View
Late Shift/seg528_b View
Late Shift/seg529_a View
Late Shift/seg529_b View
Late Shift/seg551 View
Late Shift/seg554 View
Late Shift/seg555 View
Late Shift/seg556_a View
Late Shift/seg556_b View
Late Shift/seg557 View
Late Shift/seg558_a View
Late Shift/seg558_b View
Late Shift/seg560 View
Late Shift/seg561 View
Late Shift/seg562_a View
Late Shift/seg562_b View
Late Shift/seg563 View
Late Shift/seg564_a View
Late Shift/seg564_b View
Late Shift/seg565 View
Late Shift/seg568_a View
Late Shift/seg568_b View
Late Shift/seg570_571 View
Late Shift/seg601_602_603 View
Late Shift/seg604_a View
Late Shift/seg604_b View
Late Shift/seg604_c View
Late Shift/seg604_d View
Late Shift/seg605_b View
Late Shift/seg606 View
Late Shift/seg607 View
Late Shift/seg608 View
Late Shift/seg609_a View
Late Shift/seg609_b View
Late Shift/seg610 View
Late Shift/seg614_a View
Late Shift/seg614_b View
Late Shift/seg615 View
Late Shift/seg616_622 View
Late Shift/seg617 View
Late Shift/seg618 View
Late Shift/seg619 View
Late Shift/seg620_621_622 View
Late Shift/seg623_a View
Late Shift/seg623_b View
Late Shift/seg651_1 View
Late Shift/seg651_2a View
Late Shift/seg651_2b View
Late Shift/seg651_3 View
Late Shift/seg652_a View
Late Shift/seg652_b View
Late Shift/seg653 View
Late Shift/seg655_a View
Late Shift/seg655_b View
Late Shift/seg655_c View
Late Shift/seg656 View
Late Shift/seg657 View
Late Shift/seg660 View
Late Shift/seg661 View
Late Shift/seg662 View
Late Shift/seg663 View
Late Shift/seg664 View
Late Shift/seg665 View
Late Shift/seg666_a View
Late Shift/seg666_b View
Late Shift/seg666_c View
Late Shift/seg667_669_670_a View
Late Shift/seg667_669_670_b View
Late Shift/seg668_669_670_a View
Late Shift/seg668_669_670_b View
Late Shift/seg671_a View
Late Shift/seg671_b View
Late Shift/seg672 View
Late Shift/seg673 View
Late Shift/seg674 View
Late Shift/seg675 View
Late Shift/seg701 View
Late Shift/seg702 View
Late Shift/seg703 View
Late Shift/seg704 View
Late Shift/seg707 View
Late Shift/seg708 View
Late Shift/seg709 View
Late Shift/seg710 View
Late Shift/seg711 View
Late Shift/seg712 View
Late Shift/seg714_723 View
Late Shift/seg715 View
Late Shift/seg716_723 View
Late Shift/seg717_718 View
Late Shift/seg717_720 View
Late Shift/seg719_720 View
Late Shift/seg721_723 View
Late Shift/seg724 View
Late Shift/seg724_761_763_k View
Late Shift/seg726 View
Late Shift/seg727 View
Late Shift/seg732 View
Late Shift/seg733 View
Late Shift/seg734 View
Late Shift/seg734_761_741_k View
Late Shift/seg737 View
Late Shift/seg738 View
Late Shift/seg739_1 View
Late Shift/seg739_a View
Late Shift/seg739_b View
Late Shift/seg740 View
Late Shift/seg741 View
Late Shift/seg742 View
Late Shift/seg743_2 View
Late Shift/seg744_a View
Late Shift/seg745 View
Late Shift/seg747_2_749_750 View
Late Shift/seg760 View
Late Shift/seg761 View
Late Shift/seg762 View
Late Shift/seg763 View
Late Shift/seg764 View
Late Shift/seg765_756_757 View
Late Shift/seg770 View
Late Shift/seg901_1_901_2 View
Late Shift/seg902_a View
Late Shift/seg902_b View
Late Shift/seg903_a View
Late Shift/seg903_b View
Late Shift/seg904_a View
Late Shift/seg904_b_905_1 View
Late Shift/seg905_2 View
Late Shift/seg906_a View
Late Shift/seg906_b View
Late Shift/seg907_1 View
Late Shift/seg907_2 View
Late Shift/seg908_a_909_913 View
Late Shift/seg908_b View
Late Shift/seg908_c View
Late Shift/seg910 View
Late Shift/seg911_913 View
Late Shift/seg912_913 View
Late Shift/seg914 View
Late Shift/seg914_UAE View
Late Shift/seg915 View
Late Shift/seg917_a View
Late Shift/seg917_b View
Late Shift/seg918 View
Late Shift/seg919 View
Late Shift/seg920 View
Late Shift/seg921 View
Late Shift/seg922 View
Late Shift/seg923 View
Late Shift/seg924 View
Late Shift/seg927 View
Late Shift/seg928 View
Late Shift/seg928_939 View
Late Shift/seg929 View
Late Shift/seg929_939 View
Late Shift/seg930 View
Late Shift/seg930_939 View
Late Shift/seg931_933_934_a_935 View
Late Shift/seg933_2_937_a_938 View
Late Shift/seg936 View
Late Shift/seg937_a_938 View
Late Shift/seg937_b_938 View
Late Shift/seg939 View
Late Shift/seg945 View
Late Shift/seg946_1 View
Late Shift/seg946_2_947_2 View
Late Shift/seg947_1_913 View
Late Shift/seg948_2 View
Late Shift/seg951_1_951_2 View
Late Shift/seg952_a View
Late Shift/seg952_b View
Late Shift/seg953_a View
Late Shift/seg953_b View
Late Shift/seg954_a View
Late Shift/seg954_b View
Late Shift/seg955 View
Late Shift/seg956_a_947_2 View
Late Shift/seg956_b View
Late Shift/seg957_1 View
Late Shift/seg957_2 View
Late Shift/seg958_a_959 View
Late Shift/seg958_b View
Late Shift/seg958_c View
Late Shift/seg960 View
Late Shift/seg961 View
Late Shift/seg962 View
Late Shift/seg963 View
Late Shift/seg963_UAE View
Late Shift/seg964 View
Late Shift/seg966_a View
Late Shift/seg966_b View
Late Shift/seg967 View
Late Shift/seg968 View
Late Shift/seg969_a View
Late Shift/seg969_b View
Late Shift/seg970 View
Late Shift/seg970_1 View
Late Shift/seg970_2 View
Late Shift/seg971_a View
Late Shift/seg971_b View
Late Shift/seg972 View
Late Shift/seg973_a View
Late Shift/seg973_b View
Late Shift/seg974 View
Late Shift/seg974_1 View
Late Shift/seg974_2 View
Late Shift/seg975 View
Late Shift/seg976 View
Late Shift/seg977_978 View
Late Shift/seg977_979 View
Late Shift/seg988_984_2 View
Late Shift/seg990_991_992 View
Late Shift/seg990_992 View
Late Shift/seg994 View
Late Shift/Late Shift View

You can fetch statistics for all translations in one component like this:

curl \
    -H "Authorization: Token wlu_Z3OrgYR8mlNQt24pnJF5CjsK7Srg8rrXEDrn" \
Project URL Link
Late Shift Hook
Late Shift/seg1004_k Hook
Late Shift/seg1004_swipe Hook
Late Shift/seg1006 Hook
Late Shift/seg1007 Hook
Late Shift/seg1008_a Hook
Late Shift/seg1008_b Hook
Late Shift/seg101 Hook
Late Shift/seg1013_a_1016_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1013_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1014_a Hook
Late Shift/seg1014_b_1015 Hook
Late Shift/seg1022_1023_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1026_b_1025_1027_tap Hook
Late Shift/seg102_a Hook
Late Shift/seg102_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1037 Hook
Late Shift/seg1040 Hook
Late Shift/seg1042 Hook
Late Shift/seg1043_1044 Hook
Late Shift/seg1045_1044 Hook
Late Shift/seg1046 Hook
Late Shift/seg1047_a_1045 Hook
Late Shift/seg1047_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1048 Hook
Late Shift/seg1049_a Hook
Late Shift/seg1049_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1050_a_1051_1052_b_1054_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1050_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1057 Hook
Late Shift/seg1059_1_1060 Hook
Late Shift/seg106 Hook
Late Shift/seg1061_a_1069_1069_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg1063_1078 Hook
Late Shift/seg1067_3 Hook
Late Shift/seg1068_1_1068_3 Hook
Late Shift/seg1068_1_1068_3_alt Hook
Late Shift/seg1069_3 Hook
Late Shift/seg1070_a Hook
Late Shift/seg1070_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1072_a Hook
Late Shift/seg1072_b_1073_1_1073_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg1074 Hook
Late Shift/seg1075_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg1075_3 Hook
Late Shift/seg1075_4 Hook
Late Shift/seg1075_5 Hook
Late Shift/seg1075_6_1075_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg1076_a Hook
Late Shift/seg1076_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1079 Hook
Late Shift/seg107_a Hook
Late Shift/seg107_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1081_a_1069_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg1081_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1083_1084 Hook
Late Shift/seg1083_1084_alt Hook
Late Shift/seg109_110_b_111 Hook
Late Shift/seg1101_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg1102_a Hook
Late Shift/seg1102_b1 Hook
Late Shift/seg1102_b2 Hook
Late Shift/seg1103 Hook
Late Shift/seg1104 Hook
Late Shift/seg1105 Hook
Late Shift/seg1105_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg1107 Hook
Late Shift/seg1108 Hook
Late Shift/seg1109 Hook
Late Shift/seg111 Hook
Late Shift/seg1110 Hook
Late Shift/seg1111 Hook
Late Shift/seg1112 Hook
Late Shift/seg1112_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg1112_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg1113 Hook
Late Shift/seg1115 Hook
Late Shift/seg1116_a Hook
Late Shift/seg1116_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1117 Hook
Late Shift/seg1117_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg1118_1122 Hook
Late Shift/seg1118_1122_censored Hook
Late Shift/seg1123_1125 Hook
Late Shift/seg1126_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg1126_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg1127_1129 Hook
Late Shift/seg112_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg112_2_122_b Hook
Late Shift/seg1130_1130_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg1131_1_1131_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg113_116 Hook
Late Shift/seg114 Hook
Late Shift/seg115 Hook
Late Shift/seg117 Hook
Late Shift/seg118 Hook
Late Shift/seg119 Hook
Late Shift/seg120 Hook
Late Shift/seg1200 Hook
Late Shift/seg1201 Hook
Late Shift/seg1205 Hook
Late Shift/seg121 Hook
Late Shift/seg122_a_122_b Hook
Late Shift/seg124_125 Hook
Late Shift/seg125 Hook
Late Shift/seg126 Hook
Late Shift/seg128 Hook
Late Shift/seg129 Hook
Late Shift/seg135 Hook
Late Shift/seg136 Hook
Late Shift/seg137 Hook
Late Shift/seg138_a_138_b Hook
Late Shift/seg139 Hook
Late Shift/seg140 Hook
Late Shift/seg141 Hook
Late Shift/seg142 Hook
Late Shift/seg143 Hook
Late Shift/seg146_a Hook
Late Shift/seg146_b Hook
Late Shift/seg147_b Hook
Late Shift/seg201 Hook
Late Shift/seg202 Hook
Late Shift/seg202_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg203 Hook
Late Shift/seg204 Hook
Late Shift/seg205 Hook
Late Shift/seg207 Hook
Late Shift/seg208_213_214 Hook
Late Shift/seg209 Hook
Late Shift/seg212 Hook
Late Shift/seg215 Hook
Late Shift/seg216 Hook
Late Shift/seg217 Hook
Late Shift/seg218 Hook
Late Shift/seg219 Hook
Late Shift/seg220_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg220_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg223 Hook
Late Shift/seg224 Hook
Late Shift/seg225 Hook
Late Shift/seg226 Hook
Late Shift/seg227 Hook
Late Shift/seg228 Hook
Late Shift/seg229 Hook
Late Shift/seg230 Hook
Late Shift/seg231 Hook
Late Shift/seg301_1_301_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg302_a Hook
Late Shift/seg302_b Hook
Late Shift/seg303_310 Hook
Late Shift/seg311 Hook
Late Shift/seg312 Hook
Late Shift/seg313 Hook
Late Shift/seg314 Hook
Late Shift/seg314_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg314_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg315 Hook
Late Shift/seg316_b Hook
Late Shift/seg316_c Hook
Late Shift/seg317 Hook
Late Shift/seg318 Hook
Late Shift/seg319 Hook
Late Shift/seg321_324 Hook
Late Shift/seg322 Hook
Late Shift/seg325_a Hook
Late Shift/seg325_b Hook
Late Shift/seg326_324 Hook
Late Shift/seg327 Hook
Late Shift/seg328 Hook
Late Shift/seg329 Hook
Late Shift/seg330 Hook
Late Shift/seg331 Hook
Late Shift/seg333 Hook
Late Shift/seg334 Hook
Late Shift/seg335 Hook
Late Shift/seg337 Hook
Late Shift/seg338 Hook
Late Shift/seg339 Hook
Late Shift/seg340 Hook
Late Shift/seg341 Hook
Late Shift/seg342 Hook
Late Shift/seg343_344_a Hook
Late Shift/seg343_344_b Hook
Late Shift/seg345 Hook
Late Shift/seg346_350_352 Hook
Late Shift/seg349_355_356 Hook
Late Shift/seg358_359 Hook
Late Shift/seg360 Hook
Late Shift/seg362 Hook
Late Shift/seg363 Hook
Late Shift/seg364_367_a_368 Hook
Late Shift/seg364_367_b_368 Hook
Late Shift/seg365_366 Hook
Late Shift/seg369_numpad Hook
Late Shift/seg370_371 Hook
Late Shift/seg370_375 Hook
Late Shift/seg372_numpad Hook
Late Shift/seg373_374_366 Hook
Late Shift/seg373_375 Hook
Late Shift/seg402 Hook
Late Shift/seg403_a Hook
Late Shift/seg403_b Hook
Late Shift/seg404_a Hook
Late Shift/seg405 Hook
Late Shift/seg406 Hook
Late Shift/seg407_a Hook
Late Shift/seg407_b Hook
Late Shift/seg408 Hook
Late Shift/seg409 Hook
Late Shift/seg410 Hook
Late Shift/seg411_a Hook
Late Shift/seg411_b Hook
Late Shift/seg412 Hook
Late Shift/seg413 Hook
Late Shift/seg414 Hook
Late Shift/seg415_416 Hook
Late Shift/seg415_418 Hook
Late Shift/seg417_a Hook
Late Shift/seg419 Hook
Late Shift/seg421_a Hook
Late Shift/seg434 Hook
Late Shift/seg435_a Hook
Late Shift/seg435_b Hook
Late Shift/seg435_c Hook
Late Shift/seg436_437 Hook
Late Shift/seg438 Hook
Late Shift/seg439_a Hook
Late Shift/seg439_b Hook
Late Shift/seg439_c Hook
Late Shift/seg440 Hook
Late Shift/seg441 Hook
Late Shift/seg442 Hook
Late Shift/seg443 Hook
Late Shift/seg444 Hook
Late Shift/seg445 Hook
Late Shift/seg446 Hook
Late Shift/seg501_507 Hook
Late Shift/seg508_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg508_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg508_3 Hook
Late Shift/seg509_511 Hook
Late Shift/seg516 Hook
Late Shift/seg517 Hook
Late Shift/seg519 Hook
Late Shift/seg520 Hook
Late Shift/seg522 Hook
Late Shift/seg524_a Hook
Late Shift/seg524_b Hook
Late Shift/seg524_c Hook
Late Shift/seg525 Hook
Late Shift/seg526 Hook
Late Shift/seg527 Hook
Late Shift/seg528_a Hook
Late Shift/seg528_b Hook
Late Shift/seg529_a Hook
Late Shift/seg529_b Hook
Late Shift/seg551 Hook
Late Shift/seg554 Hook
Late Shift/seg555 Hook
Late Shift/seg556_a Hook
Late Shift/seg556_b Hook
Late Shift/seg557 Hook
Late Shift/seg558_a Hook
Late Shift/seg558_b Hook
Late Shift/seg560 Hook
Late Shift/seg561 Hook
Late Shift/seg562_a Hook
Late Shift/seg562_b Hook
Late Shift/seg563 Hook
Late Shift/seg564_a Hook
Late Shift/seg564_b Hook
Late Shift/seg565 Hook
Late Shift/seg568_a Hook
Late Shift/seg568_b Hook
Late Shift/seg570_571 Hook
Late Shift/seg601_602_603 Hook
Late Shift/seg604_a Hook
Late Shift/seg604_b Hook
Late Shift/seg604_c Hook
Late Shift/seg604_d Hook
Late Shift/seg605_b Hook
Late Shift/seg606 Hook
Late Shift/seg607 Hook
Late Shift/seg608 Hook
Late Shift/seg609_a Hook
Late Shift/seg609_b Hook
Late Shift/seg610 Hook
Late Shift/seg614_a Hook
Late Shift/seg614_b Hook
Late Shift/seg615 Hook
Late Shift/seg616_622 Hook
Late Shift/seg617 Hook
Late Shift/seg618 Hook
Late Shift/seg619 Hook
Late Shift/seg620_621_622 Hook
Late Shift/seg623_a Hook
Late Shift/seg623_b Hook
Late Shift/seg651_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg651_2a Hook
Late Shift/seg651_2b Hook
Late Shift/seg651_3 Hook
Late Shift/seg652_a Hook
Late Shift/seg652_b Hook
Late Shift/seg653 Hook
Late Shift/seg655_a Hook
Late Shift/seg655_b Hook
Late Shift/seg655_c Hook
Late Shift/seg656 Hook
Late Shift/seg657 Hook
Late Shift/seg660 Hook
Late Shift/seg661 Hook
Late Shift/seg662 Hook
Late Shift/seg663 Hook
Late Shift/seg664 Hook
Late Shift/seg665 Hook
Late Shift/seg666_a Hook
Late Shift/seg666_b Hook
Late Shift/seg666_c Hook
Late Shift/seg667_669_670_a Hook
Late Shift/seg667_669_670_b Hook
Late Shift/seg668_669_670_a Hook
Late Shift/seg668_669_670_b Hook
Late Shift/seg671_a Hook
Late Shift/seg671_b Hook
Late Shift/seg672 Hook
Late Shift/seg673 Hook
Late Shift/seg674 Hook
Late Shift/seg675 Hook
Late Shift/seg701 Hook
Late Shift/seg702 Hook
Late Shift/seg703 Hook
Late Shift/seg704 Hook
Late Shift/seg707 Hook
Late Shift/seg708 Hook
Late Shift/seg709 Hook
Late Shift/seg710 Hook
Late Shift/seg711 Hook
Late Shift/seg712 Hook
Late Shift/seg714_723 Hook
Late Shift/seg715 Hook
Late Shift/seg716_723 Hook
Late Shift/seg717_718 Hook
Late Shift/seg717_720 Hook
Late Shift/seg719_720 Hook
Late Shift/seg721_723 Hook
Late Shift/seg724 Hook
Late Shift/seg724_761_763_k Hook
Late Shift/seg726 Hook
Late Shift/seg727 Hook
Late Shift/seg732 Hook
Late Shift/seg733 Hook
Late Shift/seg734 Hook
Late Shift/seg734_761_741_k Hook
Late Shift/seg737 Hook
Late Shift/seg738 Hook
Late Shift/seg739_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg739_a Hook
Late Shift/seg739_b Hook
Late Shift/seg740 Hook
Late Shift/seg741 Hook
Late Shift/seg742 Hook
Late Shift/seg743_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg744_a Hook
Late Shift/seg745 Hook
Late Shift/seg747_2_749_750 Hook
Late Shift/seg760 Hook
Late Shift/seg761 Hook
Late Shift/seg762 Hook
Late Shift/seg763 Hook
Late Shift/seg764 Hook
Late Shift/seg765_756_757 Hook
Late Shift/seg770 Hook
Late Shift/seg901_1_901_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg902_a Hook
Late Shift/seg902_b Hook
Late Shift/seg903_a Hook
Late Shift/seg903_b Hook
Late Shift/seg904_a Hook
Late Shift/seg904_b_905_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg905_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg906_a Hook
Late Shift/seg906_b Hook
Late Shift/seg907_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg907_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg908_a_909_913 Hook
Late Shift/seg908_b Hook
Late Shift/seg908_c Hook
Late Shift/seg910 Hook
Late Shift/seg911_913 Hook
Late Shift/seg912_913 Hook
Late Shift/seg914 Hook
Late Shift/seg914_UAE Hook
Late Shift/seg915 Hook
Late Shift/seg917_a Hook
Late Shift/seg917_b Hook
Late Shift/seg918 Hook
Late Shift/seg919 Hook
Late Shift/seg920 Hook
Late Shift/seg921 Hook
Late Shift/seg922 Hook
Late Shift/seg923 Hook
Late Shift/seg924 Hook
Late Shift/seg927 Hook
Late Shift/seg928 Hook
Late Shift/seg928_939 Hook
Late Shift/seg929 Hook
Late Shift/seg929_939 Hook
Late Shift/seg930 Hook
Late Shift/seg930_939 Hook
Late Shift/seg931_933_934_a_935 Hook
Late Shift/seg933_2_937_a_938 Hook
Late Shift/seg936 Hook
Late Shift/seg937_a_938 Hook
Late Shift/seg937_b_938 Hook
Late Shift/seg939 Hook
Late Shift/seg945 Hook
Late Shift/seg946_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg946_2_947_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg947_1_913 Hook
Late Shift/seg948_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg951_1_951_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg952_a Hook
Late Shift/seg952_b Hook
Late Shift/seg953_a Hook
Late Shift/seg953_b Hook
Late Shift/seg954_a Hook
Late Shift/seg954_b Hook
Late Shift/seg955 Hook
Late Shift/seg956_a_947_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg956_b Hook
Late Shift/seg957_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg957_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg958_a_959 Hook
Late Shift/seg958_b Hook
Late Shift/seg958_c Hook
Late Shift/seg960 Hook
Late Shift/seg961 Hook
Late Shift/seg962 Hook
Late Shift/seg963 Hook
Late Shift/seg963_UAE Hook
Late Shift/seg964 Hook
Late Shift/seg966_a Hook
Late Shift/seg966_b Hook
Late Shift/seg967 Hook
Late Shift/seg968 Hook
Late Shift/seg969_a Hook
Late Shift/seg969_b Hook
Late Shift/seg970 Hook
Late Shift/seg970_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg970_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg971_a Hook
Late Shift/seg971_b Hook
Late Shift/seg972 Hook
Late Shift/seg973_a Hook
Late Shift/seg973_b Hook
Late Shift/seg974 Hook
Late Shift/seg974_1 Hook
Late Shift/seg974_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg975 Hook
Late Shift/seg976 Hook
Late Shift/seg977_978 Hook
Late Shift/seg977_979 Hook
Late Shift/seg988_984_2 Hook
Late Shift/seg990_991_992 Hook
Late Shift/seg990_992 Hook
Late Shift/seg994 Hook
Late Shift/Late Shift Hook

You pull changes from a remote repository to Weblate like this:

curl \
    -d operation=pull \
    -H "Authorization: Token wlu_Z3OrgYR8mlNQt24pnJF5CjsK7Srg8rrXEDrn" \

Weblate also supports direct notifications from several code hosting sites:

Hosting site URL Note
GitHub The documentation has detailed instructions
GitLab The documentation has detailed instructions
Bitbucket The documentation has detailed instructions
Pagure The documentation has detailed instructions
Azure Repos The documentation has detailed instructions
Gitea The documentation has detailed instructions